Inside “The End”, Part 1

It all started on May 27th when I was called into an impromptu meeting. No, actually I need to back up. It all really started during the Labor Day weekend in 2007. That’s when God began to do some difficult and exciting work in my life through a retreat with Anita, Melinda, and a new friend, Janet Davis. That weekend solidified my mission at Midday Connection (Moody Radio) – to speak truth and freedom to women. We continued to do that with all our hearts for the next 8 years. It was difficult and exhilarating work.

Then, May 27th 2015, I was called into a meeting that I assumed was about my job. I had gathered my courage a few months earlier and asked for a raise and job title change due to my increased role on-air. So, I assumed this meeting was to inform me about that request. My department manager met me at the door of the studio right after our live program and asked if he could have a minute upstairs. We walked upstairs and he lightly asked about my summer vacation and the weather. When we got to the conference room, our VP of Radio was there, which triggered a red flag. He asked to pray. Another red flag. His prayer was shaky and heavy. More red flags. I laughed nervously and said, “You’re freaking me out here…” He sadly nodded and quickly got to the point that Midday Connection was ending. I’d actually gotten so comfortable in my job that I thought they would never, NEVER end my program. I was in absolute shock. And, I learned that Melinda was leaving before Anita and me. My heart was broken and I knew this was only the beginning of the grief.

As I left the room with my white “How to Survive a Layoff” binder, I realized I was still holding a coffee mug that a listener had given me a few years ago at a live event. That’s when tears came… what about our listeners?

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