Spiritual Direction

IMG_0732My greatest joy is sitting with another person (directee), listening and watching for God’s activity. Contact me (lorineffsd@gmail.com) to set up a time to discuss whether or not Spiritual Direction is a fit for you at this time.

Download this brochure that explains more about the Spiritual Direction that I offer: Brochure about Spiritual Direction.

How often do we meet?
Typically once per month. It is suggested that the directee meet for Spiritual Direction three times (3 months) to determine if the relationship is a fit. 

How long are the sessions?
One hour, typically. I also offer mini-sessions that are 30 minutes.

What happens in the sessions?
Silence, prayer, listening. The directee is welcome to bring anything that is on her mind to discuss. I will listen, underline truth, make observations or connections, reflect back what I’ve seen, watch for God’s activity. Outside of the sessions, I continue to hold the directee in prayer. I hold everything said in the sessions with absolute confidentiality. 

Where do we meet?
I have also met directees in quiet, private rooms in libraries or conference rooms. I also meet online with directees in other locations.

How much does it cost?
The fee for direction can be from $10 to $50 per session. The actual amount should be decided upon by the directee after prayer. Direction will not be denied anyone due to finances.

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