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  1. Priscilla Frye

    Hi Lori, I had listened to Midday Connection many times over the years. Today I thought about subscribing to it as a podcast only to learn the show was canceled. I just wanted to communicate that it was an amazing, amazing show. Everyone on the show was excellent. Of course, no show can go on forever but I don’t get the decision. Looking at the current roster of Moody Shows, I don’t see how any of them are more up to date or relate-able to the Millennial generation than Midday Connection. You guys always talked about emerging technologies and issues.

    Anyway, I hope things have turned out well for you and the other ladies. Hopefully you have all seen big “windows” the Lord has opened.


  2. Kathy

    Lori I’m wondering if you have plans to continue your Everyday Prayer Podcasts. I miss them. I know you’ve had numerous transitions in your life lately. Maybe it just doesn’t fit in your plans right now.


    1. Oh my… Yes, Kathy – I do have plans to record more prayers. Sadly, I haven’t had the margin to work on those for quite a few months. But, it is my goal to do quite a few more this year. So sorry for the delay. Peace to you… and thanks for asking! 🙂


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