Everyday Prayer Podcast

Everyday Prayer offers various ways to connect with God in a quiet, thoughtful manner. I’ll guide you through prayer practices that will engage your mind, body, and soul – and will hopefully expose you to new ways of being with God.

Listen to the podcasts here, on my website, or via iTunes. Keep current about Everyday Prayer news on Facebook.

I often lead others through these prayer experiences in Spiritual Direction and Retreats.

Thanks to:
Mark Breta – production and editing.
Steve Wick – theme music from one of my favorite albums, A Sense of Place.

20 thoughts on “Everyday Prayer Podcast

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  2. Kelli Ra Anderson

    Looking forward to this, Lori. I am starting a new job as an asst pastry cook at a local coffee shop so my early mornings (3:30 am -9) will Demand a new routine for prayer. Wouldn’t it be great if your podcast were something God intends me to use! Blessings to you–Kelli


  3. rhonda

    …looking forward to these…it’ll be good to ‘see’ you again, Friend!
    i’ve missed getting together every day via podcast.
    we’ve walked a lot of miles ‘together’!!


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  5. Barbara

    I just listened to your first podcast on prayer. I loved it! I was following Jesus closely, watchful, and expectant. My question for Him, ” What do you want for me?” Was answered, “Keep following me closely and I will show you.”
    I hope you will be offering more soon!


  6. Teresa Lerew

    I love your podcast. It was wonderful to have you guiding me through a portion of scripture to meditate on. As a Spiritual Director and Spiritual Formation teacher this is especially helpful. Thinking on ways it could be useful in those settings.


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