World’s Best Boss

I am very choosy about which mug I use eachworldsbestboss day at work. Do you do the same thing? I need just the right size and shape – and message or picture. I find that I often pick up the mug in our office that says “World’s Best Boss”. I’m boss to no one at work, but for some reason I just love this mug.

Today, as I drank coffee out of the mug, I realized that I’m not a boss of anyone but myself. Hm. Am I the best boss of me? Would I be delighted to give myself the World’s Best Boss mug? Honestly, probably not. Though I’ve come a long way, the voice I use to talk to myself is still often harsh. I don’t have much patience for my mistakes, limits, and messy humanness. But I want to be a compassionate, encouraging, grace-filled “boss” to myself. My favorite bosses have believed in me, let me fail well, encouraged me to keep going – they helped me improve, be the best version of myself, and do things I never thought I could. Can I be that kind of presence to/for myself? Sure, this also happens in community, but I can see great value in extending this grace to myself. The only person I can change – and boss – is myself. And, before you protest, “Wait! God is my boss, so this is irrelevant!”, certainly the more compassionate I am to myself and see myself as genuinely loved by God (and speak to myself in ways that are congruent with that belief), the more compassion and love I’ll naturally extend to others.

How about you? Would you give yourself this mug? What are the characteristics of your favorite boss?

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