Evergreen Wood Chips

I overslept this morning and my guy went to church without me. This was just fine, especially since we are dog-sitting a little pup with separation anxiety (we call him Needy Petey – we adore him!) and we weren’t sure what to do with him if we both went to church.

Anyway… Petey and I went out for our morning walk and my favorite part of the prairie path is when we walk past huge piles of wood chips. This time of year, those piles smell like fresh piney goodness from all the chopped-up Christmas trees. I love it. This morning as we walked by the piles, I inhaled deeply and let out a long, “ahhhhhhhh!” It always makes me smile to breathe in that pine smell.

It got me thinking of the beauty and purpose that can come out of a death.

Of course, my mind went to the death of Midday Connection. This was also the death of my identity, purpose, income, and mission (btw – in this in-between time, God’s doing some great work in this area of my life). Honestly, while I appreciate it whenever a former listener contacts me to say how much they miss Midday, I feel like my heart breaks just a little more. It’s been surprisingly painful to hear all the affirming comments from people who say they grew, learned, were challenged and encouraged by Midday Connection – how we were their friends.

I’ve been trying to sort out the “whys” and “what nows” as I reflect on my response to the comments. As I smelled the pine this morning, I got an image of a fragrant pile of Midday Connection wood chips – it’s no longer what it was, of course, no longer alive and active. But now it has purpose and beauty that looks different – it’s all spread out in little pieces, in each of you. May you take the fragrance of what you learned and gained from Midday Connection and take it to your friends, family, and world. That thought makes the pain of loss a bit more bearable.

6 thoughts on “Evergreen Wood Chips

  1. Leslie Henson

    Just love your comments, Lori!!! It doesn’t make me miss Midday less though. I have tried twice to what Moody put in your stead–doesn’t work for me!!! I soooo wish you were back!!!


  2. Tina Alexander

    Lori; I love reading your beautiful words! I still don’t understand why Midday was canceled; but I do believe in God’s word and that he is doing a new thing in you! He promises to make good out of our difficulties; but I admit; I have tough times waiting on God! So glad he loves us and understands our uncertainty and anxiousness! I can’t wait to read the “rest of your story, Lori.” In His Love,
    Tina Alexander; Bradneton, FLorida


  3. Thank you Lori–I recently discovered your “Everyday Prayer” podcast and shared it with my women’s Bible Study group this week. We were talking about how to listen to God in our lives and I mused that perhaps, in the same way that we as teachers try to be relevant to our students, God is a kindly relevant teacher to us, offering ways for us to listen to him that come as a breath of sweetly smelling air rather than just one more thing on our to-do list. For me, that has been your podcast. As I finish up the workday and walk, I will sometimes delay my return to the dorm kids, walking the long way and holding the phone up to my ear as I try to recover my senses, breathing more slowly and more deeply. And gradually, as I listen, becoming a bit more of a human being again 🙂
    P.S. Thanks to Kate as well for the happy reminder of my own previous years in A-stan!


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