Picking off the Burrs

cluster-of-burrs-lisa-difruscioThe other day, I strayed from the marked path in a park and ended up with burrs stuck to my coat, pants, shoelaces, and somehow in my hair.

I didn’t want to carry them home with me, so I had no real choice but to stand there on the path and patiently pick them off one by one. Like it or not, this allowed me lots of time to think.

I thought first of those annoying burrs as things that God was inviting me to address in my life – sin tenancies, resistance, areas where I’m stubbornly refusing to acknowledge. I can’t brush away those burrs. The only thing to be done is to see each one and patiently pick each. one. off.

Then, I thought, “Huh. That feels too easy to see these burrs as something negative – my sins. What if I saw these little clingy burrs as God’s kindnesses?”  Woah. That shifted everything! Taking the time to notice each burr and see how tenacious each one was to cling to me was amazing! There were so many! At every angle, there was another cluster of burrs! What a gift to think of God’s kindness being that stubborn, clinging, and abundant! If I just take the time to notice, God’s kindness is everywhere – sticking to me!

Burrs are seeds. As I pick them off my shoelaces, I’m spreading them. How can I spread God’s kindness around me? God’s kindness deeply affects me – and the overflow of that certainly spills onto the people around me. I’m hoping to be the spreader of kindness in 2016. Let’s be burrs of kindness! 🙂 (yeah, that’ll catch on…!)

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