Everyday Prayer Podcast – Episode 1

Here it is!!  The very first prayer experience on the Everyday Prayer podcast! I’d love for you to set aside 8 quiet minutes and have a listen… and give me some feedback! I’ll have the podcast up on iTunes soon, too.

Everyday Prayer is about setting aside some intentional time to creatively, quietly, reflectively spend time getting to know God better. Some of the prayer experiences that I offer in the podcast might be new to you and might feel uncomfortable. I encourage you to give it a try – glean what you can and discard what doesn’t fit. I’m praying that you gain a greater love for God through these prayers.


19 thoughts on “Everyday Prayer Podcast – Episode 1

  1. Very relaxing. Will take some getting used to but leads me in the best steps forward. Made me actually spend a moment with Jesus. I needed this one and will look forward to more. It reallly made me have to get a grip on my thoughts and purposely get quiet. Hmm never knew it was so loud in my thoughts but did get them to quiet to hear comfort. He loves me and His presence is so soft. And I could feel He was so glad with the fact that I took a purposeful moment for Him. Such a small gesture on my part for much needed time with Jesus. No words can express how much I enjoyed that moment. Who knew? Thanks Lori for being a vessel.


  2. What a calming, purposeful way to enter a time of prayer! I enjoyed the mental imagery and felt led to journal when you ended. I really enjoy the added calming effect of the music, though the extended low tones felt a little dark. Looking forward to listening again at a different time to see if I feel differently then. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Lynette

    Wow – what an experience! I stayed pretty far from Jesus because I felt so unworthy to be near him. Such a realization that I’ve not truly accepted His gift of love and forgiveness.


  4. Lori, thank you so much for this! The scripture passage brought to mind moments when I got up super early as a child to follow my farmer grandpa around as he did his chores. I was so excited to join him that I could hardly stand the time it took to get dressed and brush my teeth first.

    I’ve been struggling with knowing that God is trustworthy, and through this prayer time He helped me see excitement and welcome in being with Him.


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