Inside “The End”, Part 7

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“Why did Midday Connection end?”

I’ve been asked that question more times than I can begin to count.

When I was told that Midday Connection (a women’s program on Moody Radio) was ending, I was given a few reasons. None of the reasons really satisfied me and I’m sure that none of them would satisfy you either… so, I won’t be sharing the reasons I was given here. I’ve come to peace with the possibility that I may never know all of the factors behind the program ending.

Of course, I believe it was wrong to end the program (How could I be the Senior Producer and Co-host of the program and NOT think that this is a big mistake?? 🙂 ) and it’s been hard to know the best way to let it all go. To stop fighting the decision and just release the program (my baby!) and step into the future. I might not get to see the purpose in this until I’m face to face with God – and I’m sure I won’t even care then. Isn’t is still so hard, though? Sure, I’m thankful for the hope that God can redeem our stuff… but, I’d sure like to see the resolution and reasons now.

It makes me think of “Farewell, Four Waters“, a novel by Kate McCord. When I first read that book, I was struck by the confusion that the main character was thrust into when she suddenly had to leave the mission field – she was doing such good and important work, why in the world would God remove her? I have a hunch that the confusion she felt and I still feel may be a rather common experience (Isaiah 55:8).

So. We move on. Midday Connection has ended (though, there are repeats being broadcast until the end of December 2015) and it won’t be coming back. (sigh)

Have you ever had to release something that you believed in? A dream? A desire? How did you work through that?

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6 thoughts on “Inside “The End”, Part 7

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  2. Cindy Whetsel

    Lori, I can only imagine the questions you’ve asked yourself over and over because I have lain awake several nights (with tears) asking many of those questions – and I’m just a listener! My biggest question (and I know I’ll never get an answer!) is: “Okay…I didn’t think Midday Connection was “broken”. But I understand that things change and evolve…I’m not opposed to change per se. But to summarily let go the whole on-air staff, with their incredible talent and hearts for the Lord – and to not work with them to “invent” a new show, maybe with a whole different spin or direction…are they nuts?!? (Okay, it felt good to finally say that “aloud”!!! I’ve been trying to make comments on Facebbok that were carefully Christian and loving – but I just have to let out my frustration somewhere!!!!!!) What were they thinking?! What a terrible loss for Moody and great gain for the places the four of you will go. And a terrible loss for the woman’s perspective. One of my favorite SHARE comments I’ve heard was a guy who said he learned so much about how women think by listening to Midday Connection and he understands his wife better for it. ❤️ My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you girls as you walk this new journey. I know your faith (and your Board of Directors lol) will get you through. We mourn the loss with you. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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  3. EDD in Indy

    For several years, I worked as a head hunter. It is a people business that requires 6-8 weeks lead time to stitch together a deal. Being straight commission, everything depended on closing deals yet they can completely unravel. It only takes a phone call from a hiring authority saying, we’re not going to continue the project. All the phone call, the coordination, the good faith collaboration … done. Early in my career, that’s what happened and voiced my woe to my office mates. A seasoned expert paused by my desk to light his pipe. He flicked his finger nail on the end and the match head erupted. While setting up pipe to mouth and burning match to pipe, he invited me to tell him all about it. With a willing audience, I eagerly launched into my tale of misfortune and injustice. After he got his pipe well lit, shaking out the wooden match, he looked at me to say something. I paused midsentance. Before ambling away, unfazed, puffing his pipe, his only advice was, “Next.” All my complaining didn’t change anything or anyone. I can’t express how often I’ve used that advice. Now, I’m not telling you what to do and there isn’t a subliminal chiding cloaked in this message. This man wasn’t a Bel. as far as I know. Yet I’ve recalled that experience again and again to orient my thinking after a crisis.


  4. Being alive pretty much means we will have to unexpectedly let go of something in our lifetime. We are always caught off guard and left to deal with thoughts, feelings, and broken expectations that we fought so hard to not have to deal with, right? We work very diligently to NOT let challenging things happen to us and they happen, none-the-less. I have been a fan of Midday for so long now….I felt a sense of loss, almost in a physical way, when I heard the news. I will always regard you so highly for the work you have done. You have planted so many seeds that continue to grow all over the globe….that is the upside in all of this.

    I resonate with your words today Lori. Letting go never feels good. I don’t know exactly how to let go either. Is it easier when something is ripped from your hands or if you have to willingly let go? I’m not always sure. I have to “unload” of a few things in my life and I’m facing hard decisions. Somedays I wish someone else could make those decisions for me if I’m being honest. I don’t have a magic formula for “working though” this season but what I’m realizing is that it’s very important that I continue to take care of myself, mind, body and soul. I need to keep investing in my spiritual, emotional and physical health during the transition. With so much feeling out of my control I tend to let all of these areas of “me” get out of control as well. That just makes things feel worse. So maintaining and investing in my overall health helps me feel well and helps me to stay near God. When my body, mind and soul runs rampant I am so distracted and unable to rest in God.

    Thanks for opening yourself up to so many in your journey. WE find our own story here too.


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