Inside “The End”, Part 4

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I found it ironic that I found out about Midday Connection’s (a program that aired for over 20 years on Moody Radio) ending just days after I felt God was calling me to pray bold prayers. I also thought it was interesting that I had *just* completed my training in Spiritual Direction.

The weekend after learning Midday was ending, I went to a silent retreat with my cohort to be commissioned into service as a Spiritual Director. Yes, I cried for most of that retreat, but it was so rich with comfort, meaning, and healing. I held all of it – wondering what it all meant. Where is God taking me?

Truthfully, the most difficult part in those early days was carrying the weight of the great loss to listeners…  and the great loss of being a part of a team. This team! I felt known and loved and valued in this group. I knew and loved Anita and Melinda (co-hosts) – I couldn’t bear to imagine not interacting with them daily.

The tearing apart of the team was excruciating. Melinda’s job was ending before mine and it was so painful and confusing as that information soaked in during the month of June. Understandably, Melinda reduced her hours in the office, so whenever she was in the office, I hugged her and didn’t want to ever let go. I often had no words. I could feel the team eroding and I hated it. The moments with her flying by and I wanted to hold on tightly.

All the while… producing Midday Connection programs, posting on Facebook, hosting programs, building out the Midday website… holding this sad secret that Melinda was going to be gone soon and Midday was ending.

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3 thoughts on “Inside “The End”, Part 4

  1. Elaine Hoffman

    You words touch my heart. You are such a wonderful gifted woman. God is not done with you yet. He is no fool and your talent would surely be wasted if He did not direct your path to be used again. May God bless you and speak to your heart. I have never met you but you are my sister through Christ and I love you.


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