I Confess

I keep thinking about this poem that was shared with me recently…

I Confess
I stalked her
in the grocery store: her crown
of snowy braids held in place by a great silver clip,
her erect bearing, radiating tenderness,
the way she placed yogurt and avocadoes in her basket,
beaming peace like the North Star.
I wanted to ask “What aisle did you find
your serenity in, do you know
how to be married for fifty years, or how to live alone,
excuse me for interrupting, but you seem to possess
some knowledge that makes the earth burn and turn on its axis—”
but we don’t request such things from strangers
nowadays. So I said, “I love your hair.”

– Alison Luterman

If you were the older woman, would you know how to answer some of those deeper questions? If you were the younger woman, what is holding you back from engaging on a deeper level?

One thought on “I Confess

  1. Finding community, especially across the generations is soooooo important! I think, “I like your hair’ is a good conversation starter! I have been meaning to talk to a woman in my church and have been putting it off….thanks for the reminder. 😀

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