I woke up that morning tense and unsettled. I couldn’t seem to put my finger on why I was troubled. I had slept well, but there was trouble deep inside of me… somewhere. I drank my coffee, read some Scripture, journaled and the feeling lingered. I started thinking about all of the things I go to when I’m vaguely troubled: talk to someone, journal, distract myself, worry, avoid. I realized that those sometimes work, but only temporarily. The core issue remains neglected. So, I wondered, what is God calling me to do this time? I suddenly remembered a time when I used to sit in silence before God for about 15-30 minutes each morning and just be still. I wondered if that’s what I needed to do this morning. So, I got out my little timer app on my iPad and closed my eyes and was still before God, simply saying, “I’m here, God. I’m troubled, but You are my Peace”, then I was quiet. As I sat listening, pretty soon a thought bubbled up in my mind – a tiny thought, a subtle suggestion of a deeper concern that had drifted my way the day before that I’d forgotten. I realized that my intuition had picked up on a cue and had tucked it away, but was gnawing at me until I paid attention. When I finally stilled myself and listened and paid attention to what the Holy Spirit had brought to my attention the day before, I took a breath, thanking God for showing me what I needed to do. I felt at peace once again. Yes, there’s work to be done – in this case, a difficult conversation – but, what a relief to not have a unnamed cloud over me!

I believe our culture is often deprived of silence, I crave silence, contemplation, and solitude – I’m drawn to it.  It might not come naturally for you, but I’d recommend giving it a try.  I think it’s wonderful that God speaks to each of us in ways that we can hear. The way you connect with God might look different in different seasons of your life, too. In the comments below, tell me about the ways you listen to God…

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