Truth and Justice

In the past few years, I noticed my husband’s strong sense of justice.  I love it – admire it – and I think it’s good.  It can be annoying sometimes because he can’t just “get over it”…  but, all in all, it’s good.  In the past year, I’ve noticed my own strong sense of truth – knowing it, living it, telling it.  I now find myself in a position where I’m asked to know the truth, but live and tell something else.  I’m sure that people will get frustrated with me and tell me to try to get over it… but, this might be a costly stand and it’s a bit scary.  How much am I willing to risk for the sake of Truth?

I found this Dangerous Woman Creed on Lynne Hybels’ website and have it posted by my computer to read daily:
Dear God, please make me a dangerous woman.
May I be a woman who acknowledges my power to change, and grow and be radically alive for God.
May I be a healer of wounds and a righter of wrongs.
May I weep for those who weep and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.
May I cherish children, embrace the elderly and empower the poor.
May I pray deeply and teach wisely.
May I be a strong and gentle leader.
May I sing songs of joy and talk down fear.
May I never hesitate to let passion push me, conviction compel me, and righteous anger energize me.
May I strike fear into all that is unjust and evil in the world.
May I dismantle abusive systems and silence lies with truth.
May I shine like a star in a darkened generation.
May I overflow with goodness in the name of God and by the power of Jesus.
And in that name and by that power, may I change the world.
Dear God, please make me a dangerous woman.

(the original creed was plural, I made it singular – “we” to “me”)