Winter Blues

I used to love winter – the snow storms were exciting and it was an adventure to bundle up and go out in it.  I’m not loving it so much anymore.  I do appreciate the beauty of the snow and I like the ice that drips off of buildings… but, what I really don’t like is the darkness.  Thankfully today is a beautiful, sunny day and I have all of my windows open wide to capture as much of the sunshine as possible.  I am reading “My Antonia” by Willa Cather and this is what she wrote about winter….

“Winter comes down savagely over a little town on the prairie… the wind sprang up afresh, with a kind of bitter song, as if it said: ‘This is reality, whether you like it or not. All those frivolities of summer, the light and shadow, the living mask of green that trembled over everything, they were lies, and this is what was underneath. This is the truth.’  It was as if we were being punished for loving the loveliness of summer.”

That really struck me… it initially made me think of how people can look so beautiful (summer) on the outside, but be harsh and dead (winter) on the inside – their true reality.  Or even when people put on a brave face with others, but they are in the middle of a difficult winter in their soul.  I going to think about it some more…

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